This website was built with the following technologies.


The Hugo theme in use is cocoa enhanced.

I made one slight change to the theme in order to better space the image logo against headers. Within themes/cocoa-eh-hugo-theme/layouts/partials/css/main.css, I make the following update.

div.header .container .logo {
  max-width: 100px;
  margin-left: -2em;
  /* Added to better space image logo against headers */
  padding-right: 5px;

Ultimately, as noted within Creating Websites with R Markdown, I manage my theme through a git submodule.

Building and Hosting

Building is performed with Azure Pipelines. My specific project is public and may be viewed at the Azure DevOps site.

Hosting is provided through netlify.

Simple instructions for getting setup can be found within Chapter 3.1 of the blogdown book/site.

A more complex set of instructions may be found at this blog post this blog post.